by Mark Israel
     [This is a fast-access FAQ excerpt.]
The meaning of "limerence" falls somewhere between "infatuation"
and "romantic love".  It was coined circa 1977 by Dorothy Tennov,
then professor of psychology at the University of Bridgeport,
Connecticut.  It was an arbitrary coinage; there is no specific
etymology.  For further information on limerence see her book
Love and Limerence (Stein and Day, 1979); or you may e-mail her
directly at [...].
     [Dorothy Tennov has sent this correction:
     'The intended meaning of "limerence" is not "somewhere between
     infatuation and romantic love." It was invented for a distinct state
     that might look like "somewhere between" to the casual observer or poet,
     but it is neither. It has distinct features not found in other states to 
     which the word "love" is applied. The word was created deliberately to
     avoid association with "love." Then why does "love" appear in the title
     of the book you may ask? It was bending to the publisher and it was a 
     terrible mistake.
     'I would name it "Limerence: A distinct state for which a new term was 
     required." That's a bit long, but more accurate.'
     The new e-mail address is here. Further information is at Dorothy Tennov's
     site: www.tennov.com.]