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A brief history of ucle

The pronunciation of ucle

Some helpful tips

What to do about trolls

Lengthy disputes

The logo

The uk.culture.language.english tee shirt

Language and Usenet FAQS

Au-pair and Nanny links

Cultural and language links

British media links

What's on the bookshelf

John Davies's commentary on Partridge

Rhetorical vocabulary

Some significant numbers from literature and literary criticism

Mother Goose

A litany of notable British literary villains

"The fat lady"

Britannia: Her history, her folklore, her image through the ages

London's bridges

"This seat of Mars"

Daring hypothesis: English words for “mud” outnumber Eskimo words for “snow”

"Stranger Knights"

"Pop goes the weasel"

"It's pants!"

Colours that serve as beverages and vice-versa

The Ugley Women's Institute

"Up to scratch"

Notable British "Littles"



Food etymologies traced to nobility

Literary figures that could fly and flew through British airspace

"Pear shaped"

The etymology of "Milton Keynes"

Dog names


Holidays in England and Wales (English usage)

Rivers in London used as literary allusions

The hill hill hill hill

The Codex Magniloquens

British literary figures that abducted children

Bite the bullet


American belts

News gaffs

The Curse of Macbeth

He met his Waterloo

The Ides of March

Slang Names for British Currency

Biblical Patriarchs as Bottle Sizes

Cripplegate and Crutched Friars

Lemon sole

Eponymious London Shopkeepers

"Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic"

Literary characters who became allusions!

"On the fritz"

Calamity Jane


Round robin and John Hancock




The Tooth Fairy

An alcoholic bestiary



"Songs of the Ridings" by F. W. Moorman






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