Online language columns

by Mark Israel
     [This is a fast-access FAQ excerpt.]
Jesse Sheidlower, an editor at Random House Dictionary Dept.,
posts a "Word of the Day" column (articles cover all kinds of
English-language topics, not just vocabulary building) at [...]
     [Jesse Sheidlower left Random House 1 October 1999. His
     successors took over "Word of the Day", calling themselves
     "the Mavens". All the articles are available at
     On 5 November 2001 the Mavens announced that there would
     be no new articles posted to the site.]
   Evan Morris ( posts his syndicated newspaper
column, "The Word Detective" [...]:
     [The Word Detective is now at]
   Richard Lederer posts excerpts from his columns and has many
useful links at: [...]
     [Richard Lederer's site is now at]
   Terry O'Connor ( posts "Word for Word", his
column in the Queensland newspaper The Courier-Mail:
     [The link given is no longer current.]
    Jed Hartman ( has a weekly column on words and
wordplay, "Words & Stuff", at:
   Collins Cobuild offers a column called WordWatch [...]:
     [WordWatch has been replaced by Word Exchange at]
   The OED posts its newsletters: [...]
     [The OED Newsletters are now available at
     More general information about the OED is at
   The Editorial Eye posts many of its articles: [...]
     [The link given is no longer current.]
   Michael Quinion adds a neologism a week in his World Wide Words:
   De Proverbio, an electronic journal of international proverb
studies, is at: [...]
     [De Proverbio is now at]