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Pronunciation is a big topic in alt.usage.english, but in newsgroups we can't use those fancy characters you see in dictionaries. We make do with ordinary characters. So if you want to know how to say /'fA:D@/, consult the ASCII IPA pages.

Listen to the sounds of English from across the USA and around the world in the Audio Archive. It's amazing how many different ways there are to say the same words.

The Links page has hundreds of categorised links to English usage and other interesting web sites.

Another English usage site, that of the uk.culture.language.english newsgroup, is hosted here. The newsgroup is alive and well, but their Web site is no longer active, and is frozen in time at UCLE Corner.

If you're a regular visitor, you might like to look at What's New? to find out about recent changes and additions to the site - also convenient links to new features that you might have seen announced in the newsgroup. In What's New you'll also find links to archive copies of this site going back to August 2000.

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Please do not send questions about English usage to the webmaster. Post them to the alt.usage.english newsgroup.

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