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There are lots of versions of Mark Israel's FAQ and other AUE FAQ documents. In the list below, click on a text link to see the URL and commentary for the document, or click on a page symbol Document link symbol to go directly to the FAQ. If you know of a version that isn't listed, please let the webmaster know about it.

Recommended documents:

Link to document Introductions to alt.usage.english
Link to document Fast-access FAQ
Link to document AUE FAQ supplement

Other documents:

Link to document Original FAQ (29 September 1997)
Partial hypertext FAQ (29 September 1997)
Link to document Peter Moylan's version (12 March 1995)
Link to document Brian Tung's version (15 August 1995)
Link to document Berna Slikker's version (19 February 1996)
Version with links to Amazon (2 October 1996)
Link to document Single-page version of the fast-access FAQ (current)

Recommended Documents

Introductions to alt.usage.english:

The "Introduction" documents are not directly related to Mark Israel's FAQ. They are intended to aid newcomers to alt.usage.english. They are posted frequently to the newsgroup, and are reproduced on this site for your convenience. Intro F, as posted to the newsgroup, contains the tables of contents of the fast-access FAQ and the FAQ Supplement. In the version of Intro F on this site, those two tables of contents are replaced by two links, to the fast-access FAQ page and the FAQ Supplement page.

Fast-access FAQ:

The fast-access version of Mark Israel's FAQ has 220 small pages, one per topic, accessed using links from a table of contents. Some pages contains updates (mainly to URLs). See also notes after the table of contents.

AUE FAQ supplement:

The FAQ Supplement is a collection of FAQ-type material that is not contained in Mark Israel's FAQ or the Introduction documents. You are invited to submit items for incorporation in this supplement to the webmaster.

Other Versions

Original FAQ (29 September 1997):

This file is a plain ASCII version of the FAQ, exactly as posted to the alt.usage.english newsgroup by the author, Mark Israel, in September 1997. It contains no hypertext links. (342Kb)

Partial hypertext FAQ (29 September 1997):

This is a hypertext file, created automatically from the Original FAQ (see above). It has links to external sites only. There are no links to provide navigation within the FAQ document. (355Kb) [Note from the Webmaster, August 2008: I can find no trace of this document]

Peter Moylan's version (12 March 1995):

This is Peter Moylan's hypertext version of the 12 March 1995 edition of Mark Israel's FAQ. In addition to links to external URLs, it has links to each newsgroup and each e-mail address that is mentioned, and internal links to major headings. It's also available at Peter Moylan's Web site at (169Kb)

Brian Tung's version (15 August 1995):

This is Brian Tung's hypertext version of the 15 August 1995 edition of Mark Israel's FAQ. It apparently has links to all external URLs that are mentioned, but it has no internal links and no links to newsgroups or e-mail addresses. (233Kb)

Berna Slikker's version (19 February 1996):

This is Berna Slikker's hypertext version of the 19 February 1996 edition of Mark Israel's FAQ. It apparently has internal links to all major and minor headings, and links to all external URLs and e-mail addresses that are mentioned. There are no links to Usenet groups. (306Kb)

Version with links to Amazon (2 October 1996):

[No longer available]

This is a hypertext version; the name of the person who did the hypertext conversion is unclear. In addition to having e-mail addresses, newsgroup references, and Web URLs converted to hypertext, it has the interesting feature that all ISBNs are converted to links that take you directly to Amazon's Web site, where the book with that ISBN is offered. (315Kb)

Single-page version of the fast-access FAQ (current):

This is simply this site's Fast-access FAQ (see above) index and the 220 linked topic pages, combined into one page - also called "the big FAQ". See also notes at the bottom of the page. (436Kb)